Can modern man write a sonnet or a stage play, that is as good today as Will Shakespeare penned 400 years ago?
  Or is art condemned to move ever backwards from her great masters whilst science moves ever forwards from his?

Shakespeare inside is not a story about Shakespeare going to prison. Neither is it erotic fiction about Shakespeare having sex. It is a novel that sets out discover the Shakespeare that is within all of us. Can the rose not smell as sweet in a 21st century garden?

Is this the face so close to perfection
That age would concede and reverse its direction?
With a smile that shines so sparkling bright
As would banish the darkness from my loneliest night?

Oh blessed night what treasures you hide
What secrets you hear which lovers confide
Envelop our love in your starry embrace
And wrap us together in time and in space

For what words can compare so complete a surrender?
How bitter to stop, yet how sweet to remember
What loving God conceived so euphoric a moment?
So intense an emotion, so complete an atonement?

Oh Let this love drown all my sorrows
A soothing river of sweet tomorrows
Its banks arrayed in rainbows of green
The prettiest pastures that e'er have been seen.

Oh Princess of love, so forgiving in grace
You capture my heart with each move of your face
In all of my dreams I never did see
Such spectacular beauty as stands before me.

Shakespeare Inside was written as a sequel to the movie Shakespeare in love by Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard, staring Gywneth Paltrow, Ralph Fiennes, Geoffrey Rush, Judi Dench, Colin Firth and Ben Affleck. The Oscar winning film had one foot in the 16th Century and the other in the 20th century according its director John Madden. The premise of the movie was the question asked by Queen Elizabeth (Judi Dench): Can a play capture the very nature of love? So the next logical step, it seemed to the writer, was a film with both feet in the 21st century, which asked the question: Can 21st century man capture it as well as William Shakespeare did in Romeo and Juliet 400 years ago?

Does not the rose bloom twice when the season is fair?

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